Установка Fastsite CMS


  1. PHP 7.0.0
  2. A recent version of cURL >= 7.19.4 compiled with OpenSSL and zlib.
  3. MySQL database >= 5.0

Composer install

  1. To create a new Fastsite CMS project, run this command (substituting with the path where Composer should create the project):
    composer create-project cetera-labs/website-skeleton <Path>
  2. Set up your web server to host your project. Its document root should point to your /www/ directory

  3. Open http://server/cms/setup.php

  4. Follow onscreen setup guide.

Install release version

  1. Unpack install.php at your webserver home folder.

  2. Open http://server/install.php

  3. Follow onscreen setup guide.